10 tips to add your personal touch to the kitchen

The kitchen is another of the spaces of the house in which we tend to fall into an excess of functionality. And this is very important but essential when creating a kitchen but it does not have to be a cold and impersonal space. It is part of our home, it is part of us as well and in it we spend many moments of our family life. Therefore we must provide it with those personal touches that make it warm and livable.

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The key is to incorporate decorative details to our liking as if it were, that is, one more room in the house. Let's see what we can do so that our kitchen has our own decorative touch.

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In a kitchen based on neutral colors one way to add color is painting the interior of the cabinets that have glass doors or no doors.

Custom kitchen 3

A painting or a photograph can give our kitchen a different look, especially if we choose a theme that has nothing to do with the topic of the kitchen.

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Different elements like appliances, tableware and others that match in the same color or a color palette They can be used as decorative objects.

Custom kitchen 5

A carpet in the kitchen is not the most usual but it will give a very personal touch. Objects such as baskets and baskets made of vegetable fibers will look great in a modern kitchen, providing a touch of naturalness.

Custom kitchen 6

The curtains , if our kitchen has windows, they are an element with which we can easily change the appearance of the whole.

Custom kitchen 7

Take advantage of any free space to place a shelving and mounting a decoration that has no direct relationship with the kitchen can also be a fantastic way to customize our kitchen.

Custom kitchen 8

The blackboard paint is another classic and when it comes to customize a kitchen, you can give it as many uses as you can think of.

Custom kitchen 9

A antique lamp It can be a risky choice but combined with some decorative objects of the same cut will make your kitchen a totally personal space.

Custom kitchen 10

A space to sit and having a relaxed drink while chatting with family and friends is also a way to personalize the kitchen.

Custom kitchen 11

A saturated and bright color It can be a risky option but in a small kitchen with little natural lighting it can be an interesting option. And do not forget that what most personalizes a kitchen, like any other room, is to live it. The more time you spend in your kitchen invariably the more of you will be drinking.

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