10 tips for mounting an open receiver

When we do not have a hall in our house and from the entrance door we access directly to the living room or any other dependency we miss a hall where we can leave our belongings, our coat and our winter shoes. Let's see how with these 10 tips to assemble a receiver you can solve that problem in a very short time and with a really low budget. And if you have a lobby, these tips will also help you furnish it.


Actually it does not take much more than a corner to mount a hall with all the typical elements. The wood bench To take off your shoes and a basket underneath to store your shoes are enough.


But of course, some hangers to hang warm clothes, bags and other accessories. We will need a hook for each member of the family plus some more for the visits.


A simple carpet It creates a spatial delimitation effect that will come very well to define the receiver when it is in a wide and open room.


Install one floor mat, a tray or any similar item to place street shoes is a good habit to keep the house clean.


Another magnificent way to delimit the space of our open hall will be paper the corner dedicated to him. It will be very well defined and at the same time decorated.


Sometimes, due to space, it is impossible to install a piece of furniture in the hall. A simple shelf It can fulfill that function and will leave us a space below to place the footwear and the umbrella stand.


A minimalist and very original entrance, a coat rack with a decorated dry branch and an old suitcase as a storage unit. It does not take much longer to have a real receiver anywhere.


A mirror We will go great to expand the space, so the hall will look more spacious and give the feeling that we do not steal too much space from the rest of the stay. In addition to how practical it is always to have a mirror to take a look before leaving.


We can customize our hall with a gallery of family photos and other personal creations. It will also help us to delimit the space of the hall.


The plants They are an excellent way to receive our guests. For this we can install a few pots with our favorite plants. But first it will be necessary to know the needs of the plants that we want to install in the hall.

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