10 small kitchens with great ideas

Do you have a small kitchen that already has you bored and you are thinking about transforming it? Surely it is the case of many of you! Who does not want to have the kitchen of their dreams even when they have a very small and compact one. Once we make the decision the big question is: where to start? The first big limitation for design and decoration is the space we have and that's where our dreams of a great chef's kitchen end up on the floor. But not to get depressed! It is best to start working on that limitation to design it and make the most of the space.

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It does not matter if we only have a few square meters, we can create a really beautiful kitchen that adapts to our needs. Taking into account the space and without forgetting the ideal triangle design of the kitchen we can start to create our kitchen. Of course, if you have only one wall, creating the triangle will be an almost impossible task but the idea is to keep this concept in mind to maximize the design as much as possible ... even a few centimeters can make the difference!

In any kitchen, no matter how small, the space for work, space for appliances, good lighting and storage space for utensils and kitchen ingredients. That is why if we notice that the space or current design of our kitchen is not the best, we should not resist to knock down any wall, use alternative materials such as glass, wood or metals and take advantage of all the decorative options available to create and give a sense of more space or amplitude. The basis of the problem of the design of the kitchen will be simply how and where to place everything.

The small kitchens They may seem like a challenge to design and decoration, but so are those that are functional, impressive and efficient. Check out this small collection of small kitchens. You will find design ideas that will inspire you to create the kitchen of your dreams!

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