10 simple tips to decorate your patio this summer

With these 10 tips to decorate your patio this summer you will get a perfect decoration and your patio will not miss anything. So let's take a look and check that our yard meets all the points and if it will not be a matter of completing it.


The garlands of lights are already a classic in the decoration of the patio, the living room or the dining room are much more fun.


Eating and drinking are activities that we all do in the yard when summer comes. Meeting with family or friends al fresco is a pleasure within reach of anyone. So a dining area can not be missing in any patio.


Do not forget that the patio is an outdoor space and the plants should be the queens. They are not just a complement or ornament, they must be the very soul of the patio.


A corner to relax, sit or lie down to read or listen to music in solitude or as quietly as possible. A hammock like this is a great idea for that purpose.


A small bar will also be a great idea so that we can entertain our guests and of course so that we can have a drink ourselves.


Installing a carpet in the living area helps us to delimit the space and is a good way to add color and helps create a more cozy and sophisticated space.


And speaking of warmth nothing like placing a stove, we can find in many shapes and designs and made with different materials, although iron abounds. They are not expensive and are very practical for the cool periods of the year.


You also have to think about entertainment and a ping pong table can be a great distraction, and a great exercise, in the evenings and evenings of summer.


Cushions and pillows can not be missing in the living area so that it is comfortable to be in it. Textiles help us create a more elegant and sophisticated space, not being on the outside all the furniture must be bare.


With a tiny space you can have almost everything, above you have a good example, space to lie down to rest and a small table to drink. Plants and textiles to give life and elegance to our small patio, it does not take much more.

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