10 rooms in white

Do you like decorations in white? If so, you will love these ten bedrooms that we have selected for you. White, the color of purity traditionally in Western culture, is a very fashionable color that has spread especially from the Nordic style. But at present it is a color used in many other decorative styles.

White bedrooms 2

These white rooms, although we may like some more than others, that is logical and normal, they convey, all of them, a great sense of peace and serenity. You imagine yourself floating on an ethereal cloud.

White bedrooms 1

White bedrooms 3

Another great attribute of the white color is that it conveys a pleasant sensation of cleanliness. On the other hand it is a color that gets dirty easily but that for the bedroom is not at all an inconvenience but an advantage, it pushes you to change the bedding with greater assiduity.

White bedrooms 4

White bedrooms 5

White bedrooms 6

You can clearly see in the images that we present all the possibilities offered by this fantastic color. An eclectic color that can be used in any decorative style from the most rustic to the most elegant and sophisticated.

White bedrooms 7

White bedrooms 8

White bedrooms 9

The neutral tones, as is the white par excellence, also allow us to introduce small notes of color that will help us transform the decoration with great ease. Any decorative object that you enter in the white bedroom will produce a remarkable transformation and is easily removable when you want to give a new look to your decoration.

White bedrooms 10

And of course you can use the white in the degree you like, as you have seen you can use it for everything, floors, walls, furniture and textiles or combine it with other tones and especially with both natural and painted wood. White and wood are a great combination that always triumphs.

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