10 reception rooms decorated with wallpaper

Although it is a space of small size we usually overlook it and we do not dedicate the love that we should. And that the receiver is our representative as if we were saying. One way to not spend a lot of time on your decoration is to use wallpaper on it. With these 10 receivers decorated with wallpaper you can see how easy it is to have a receiver in conditions and what little it will cost, both in time and money.


This wallpaper with plant motifs gives a green and natural touch to this hall of people concerned about the environment.


Setentero flavor for this wallpaper with geometric motifs in neutral colors. It fits very well with the minimalist furniture and the carpet.


More plant motifs for a neoclassical-inspired lobby. The dark background highlights the furniture and accessories in white and silver.


Classical elegance is what this striped wallpaper offers us. It combines very well with the tubular furniture.


This intricate, vintage-inspired geometric design offers a good background for this rustic-style lobby.


Fantastic glam lobby that certainly does not leave you indifferent. The chosen wallpaper is a good option.


Black and white on the floor and on the walls. A combination of color that never fails.


Enchantingly old, this design will go very well in a vintage style hall.


The vertical stripes bring us the memory of the beach days. Elegance and freshness in equal parts.


A geometric motif does not have to be shocking and saturating by definition. Here we have an example that simplicity can be very complex and rich.

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