10 receivers with their own charm

The receiver It is an essential part in the decoration of a house and unfortunately too often it is the forgotten room when decorating the home. The receiver is that space point that communicates our home with the outside and must have what it takes to transmit what comes next but also to support that constant traffic of people.

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The whole family goes through the hall every day and even several times a day and must have the necessary storage space so that the people who form the family can deposit the clothes or objects that are brought and brought from the street. Here we present 10 decoration proposals so that you can get your receiver to talk about you at the same time as it is practical for you.

Receiving ideas 2

Receiving ideas 3

It is clear that the hall must be decorated in the same style as the rest of the house, otherwise it would be very disturbing and unpleasant. But as we said the hall has that practical side and needs to have enough storage space to deposit everyday objects.

Receiving ideas 4

Receiving ideas 5

Receiving ideas 6

Some ideas can be molded to very different decorative styles, baskets or boxes of any type of vegetable fiber are interesting ways to store objects and can be valid for very different decorative styles.

Receiving ideas 7

A good piece of furniture can fit in almost any style. Up we have that metallic piece of furniture one hundred percent industrial in an elegant environment and yet it produces a fantastic contrast.

Receiving ideas 8

Receiving ideas 9

Receiving ideas 10

And once again it is necessary to emphasize that although we all sigh for the size, a small hall and even reduced to the minimum expression can be charming if we add the appropriate decorative complements.

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