10 proposals to paper the bathroom

The decoration of bathroom It is not a simple task, limited by the inevitable presence of the obliged toilets, the bathtub and / or the shower space is not usually left over. The only way to give a personal touch is decorating the walls to our liking. The painted paper It is an interesting option that we can come very well to give our bathroom a special air. Let's see below 10 proposals to paper the bathroom, we hope you find among them your own inspiration.


A geometric design in one of the walls brings interest, freshness and an undeniable youthful air that will go very well for the bathroom of the youngest in the house.


On the other hand, for a bathroom to transmit femininity nothing like a wallpaper printed with floral designs. It will create a strong contrast with the rest, decorated in neutral tones, and will be very attractive.


In this classic-minimalist bathroom, the paper with geometric details is fantastic even occupying the entire wall of the sink.


A striped design always looks fantastic in a male bathroom. It can even be combined with a charming piece of recycled wood, the contrast is spectacular.


This paper with the design of black spots on a white background, like the spots of Dalmatians, will be a good choice for any small bathroom.


This intricate geometric design combines perfectly with the elegant black furniture and the rest of the decoration in white. A golden touch, that of the sconces, has just completed that sophisticated and elegant air that the bathroom has.


No bathroom is too small to paper it. Even when it comes to a simple and tiny toilet we can give it an elegant, bold and fun look with the right paper.


Naturalist air designs are not required to have a lot of color. They can also be found in soft tones and in black and white. With them it will be easier to decide if we do not want too many colors in our bathroom.


On the other hand, if you're not afraid of color, you can find designs full of colors with motifs of all kinds, birds, plants and more.


And to finish a piece of advice, try that the paper you choose fits well in the decoration of your bathroom and of course in the rest of the decoration of your house.

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