10 practical ideas for a small receiver

Living in a small apartment should not prevent us from having a space to leave all those things that we carry when we get home. With these 10 ingenious ideas for a small receiver You can improve yours or create it if you do not have one.


This tiny hall has been mounted in a corner. Thanks to the shelf you have a place to leave your things and the hanger is great for bags. A simple idea but very practical and elegant.


Very similar is this DIY idea made with copper tubes that allows shoes to be handy. It also has a shelf for small objects.


A hanger made with copper tube that takes advantage of a hole. A stool will help us to fit in and fill in the space.


When you do not have a wardrobe at the entrance of your house you can replace it with some shelves as we see here.


Here the radiator has been used by placing a shelf on top and taking advantage of the space under it to put on the shoes.


A hanger bar, a shelf and a large mirror. It does not take more to have your hall well ordered.


This hall is perfectly equipped to have everything well ordered. Hangers, shelves and baskets create a very functional hall.


This nice idea, different heights for the different inhabitants of the house is a nice detail that will help us to educate the little ones.


Having a place to sit in your foyer, even a simple stool, is a luxury because it allows you to put on and take off your shoes comfortably when arriving or leaving home.


These shelves allow you to store everyday objects and also removes them from view. A very interesting idea that does not take much more space than a simple shelf.

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