10 places in the house where to hang a chandelier

Chandeliers with their hanging crystals that reflect and decompose the light are a good decorative complement for any place in your home. We are going to see 10 places in the house where you can hang a chandelier, from the most common to the most transgressive.


The dining room is the room of the house where there used to be a chandelier. And we can still continue doing it and especially now that we can combine them with any decorative style.


In the living room we can also hang a chandelier. In this example we see a more modern version that fits very well with the furniture and also has a matching floor lamp.


Also the hall can be a good place, if you have enough space, to hang a chandelier. So from the beginning our visitors can enjoy our style.


For a room with class, style, glamor and sophistication can not miss a nice chandelier that illuminates the room with its lights and shadows.

10-places-of-the-house-where-to hang-a-lamp-of-arana-05

Even in the bathroom you can hang one of these striking lamps. Especially when we opt for a romantic style with strong feminine component, the chandelier is perfect in the bathroom.


In the kitchen we usually spend a good part of the day, so we need to feel comfortable and have the things we like near us. A chandelier will be as good as in any other room in the house.


When you have the great luck of having stairs like these you have to hang a beautiful chandelier yes or yes.


What do you want to give a luxurious touch to your laundry room? Well hang a chandelier and done.

10-places-of-the-house-where-to hang-a-lamp-of-arana-09

In a gallery or a closed balcony, a chandelier can be as phenomenal as this one. It combines perfectly with the decorative style of the place.

10-places-of-the-house-where-to hang-a-lamp-of-arana-10

If you have a pergola in your garden or porch hang a chandelier there and you will have an elegant and sophisticated outside seating area.

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