10 Nordic style kitchens

These ten kitchens in Nordic style they make us dream of having an equal space in our own home. The predominance of white, natural luminosity and clean and balanced spaces fill these surfaces with beauty. If you want to give a Nordic look to your kitchen, we will show you some keys to achieve it.

Nordic style kitchen 01

Is space important? It is not necessary to have a large kitchen for it, because this style is valid for any place, whatever its size. The Nordic, also known as Scandinavian, is a faithful follower of minimalist trends, in which the space itself is underlined with the least possible amount of furniture and accessories. Which is an advantage, since, if we do not have a large kitchen to furnish, the Nordic will adapt like a glove to our space.

Nordic style kitchens 02

Nordic style kitchen 03

An element common to all of them is the presence of a countertop or dining table. The kitchen is not only the place where we cook, it is also a common family space: to eat, study, watch TV and share with the family. In addition, you will earn points with a table in rustic style, which will further underline the warmth of this style.

Nordic style kitchens 04

Nordic style kitchen 05

Nordic style kitchen 06

The lighting is usually natural. Here we see large windows that illuminate the kitchens, but, if our house is more like small windows, do not cover them with curtains. Take advantage of the slightest light; the white of the furniture will enhance it. To help you a little if you do not get much light, use a pendant lamp on the most strategic places: the table of food, or a corner by the stove.

Nordic style kitchen 07

Nordic style kitchen 08

Use a natural decoration, with centerpieces with flowers, fruit bowls, vintage coffee pots, white flower pots, small vases, wicker baskets ... Look for everything handmade to gradually create your own Nordic kitchen. And without the need for large investments!

Nordic style kitchens 09

Nordic style kitchen 010

Photos: plan-easyhome.blogspot.com

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