10 ideas to store shoes in the hall

Leaving shoes in the hall is an extended measure in many countries of the world. It is an excellent idea that allows us to keep our house clean for longer. But for this we must foresee the necessary complements to keep the shoes in an orderly manner. Let's see these 10 ideas for storing shoes in the hall and we will get a better idea of ​​the matter.


An idea as simple as effective, a bank to change shoes and some wooden boxes to store it.


A shoemaker made with copper pipes. To test our DIY ingenuity.


This shoe rack is as simple as practical. The leather handles give a special touch that also combines with the bench in the same material.


The bank that we install in the hall can be used to store shoes inside. An excellent way to save space.


If you live in a rainy place this idea will go pearl. A wooden box like this or similar will serve to keep the water boots and umbrellas away from the ground.


If there is a staircase in your hall, you can take advantage of the space to have them make custom-made drawers similar to these. You can store your shoes and many other things.


These cube shelves allow you to store shoes and many other objects while acting as a space separator.


A cabinet-style cabinet can be an original way to store shoes.


These baskets for plants also serve us as practical shoemakers.


If you are proud of your footwear nothing like exposing it well in sight. These simple shelves earn a lot with that fantastic collection of shoes.

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