10 ideas to organize your jewelry with style

If jewelry and jewelery pieces are ornamental objects, why hide them in the typical jewelry box? We will now see 10 ideas to organize your jewelry with style and at the same time that they become an important part of the decoration of your room.


They are great DIY ideas that anyone can carry out literally or serve as inspiration for you to take hold of the resources that you have at your disposal.


one.- This statuette is ideal for wristbands and bracelets and even rings, thanks to the shape and arrangement of the neck of the bird. Any animal figurine of approximate structure can serve you.


two.- The second-hand markets are full of old ashtrays that can also become magnificent exhibition jewelers.


3.- This great idea is to transform a chair into a bedside table. If you also have a similar support to the image we can put our necklaces and pendants on the backrest.


4.- This charming ceramic egg cup has been transformed into an elegant jeweler that allows us a very good organization.


5.- The vases not only serve to put flowers, if we have one similar to this one it will be a good display for our bracelets and bracelets, we only need that it has a long neck.


6.- An old cupboard or cupboard with glass door, which can be found in flea markets or second-hand shops, can be converted with very little work into an interesting jeweler.


7.- Anatomically shaped sculptures are great for carrying jewelry. A hand, a bust or any other piece of similar characteristics can serve us.


8.- This great idea consists of collecting various glass containers of very varied origin and giving them a nexus of union, the blue paint in this case. Paint any glass container on the outside, so that it does not wear with the rubbing of the jewelry, with a spray is much easier than it seems.


9.- A beautiful frame, a piece of board, fabric or wallpaper, hooks and a little thread, rope or wire are easily transformed into a great display of jewelry.


10.- The inside of the closet door can also be used as a jewelry organizer. Some hooks or a bar as in this case will be enough to hang our pieces. We can leave the closet door open or closed as we prefer at any time.

Photos: Pinterest.com

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