10 ideas to line the walls of the kitchen

The kitchen is not only composed of furniture and household appliances that facilitate the work of preparing food and storage of tools and raw materials. There is a component with a more modest mission that however takes special relevance in terms of the aesthetics of the kitchen, it is the lining of the walls of the kitchen. We are going to take a little walk to review possible ideas that will help us in the task of choosing ours.

Kitchen coatings 1

A mosaic of small rectangular pieces with colors chosen to combine with the different tones of the kitchen. It is an interesting solution very well integrated.

Kitchen coverings 2

In this kitchen they have opted to use rectangular tiles in different colors. This option allows you to combine the wall with the predominant colors in the kitchen.

Kitchen coverings 3

The Carrara marble with its typical black and gray veining on a white background, it is still the elegance of no more. It requires a correct maintenance to last many years.

Kitchen coverings 4

Little ones Rectangular stainless steel tiles , this is the material chosen to cover the wall of the work area in this contemporary white kitchen. This material contributes an industrial air to the kitchen while increasing the degree of luminosity.

Kitchen coverings 5

In this luxurious kitchen, a modern technique has been used to obtain a classic look. The wall of the fire and work area of ​​the kitchen is covered with etched concrete . The new techniques of working with concretes and microcements allow to record the patterns that we want.

Kitchen coverings 6

Golden tiles enhanced by the recessed lighting in the furniture give a touch of brightness, warmth and contrast to this kitchen of dark and sober colors.

Kitchen coverings 7

Another good example of the use of basic raw materials is represented by this kitchen, stone cladding It is perfectly integrated into the kitchen environment.

Kitchen coverings 8

The metro style tiles in white they combine perfectly in an industrial design kitchen. Steel, wood and cement are materials with which these tiles form a magnificent combination.

Kitchen coverings 9

Metro style tiles combined with a mosaic of small rectangular pieces. They combine perfectly both with each other and with the rest of the kitchen.

Kitchen coverings 10

Creating a contrast with the rest of the kitchen decoration is another important point that can and should, sometimes, play the wall coverings of the kitchens.

Photos: hgtv.com

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