10 ideas to have a double sink in your bathroom

If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom or you are in the middle of building your new home, you may have thought about the advantages of installing a double sink . Two is always better than one, provided that space obviously allows it. That's why we want to present you these 10 ideas to install a double sink in your bathroom. At least they will inspire you and it will be easier for you to make a decision.


In a modern, minimalist bathroom we can install a countertop with integrated sinks. They do not stand out and are barely noticeable, it is a perfect solution if you do not want them to be too noticeable.


In a rustic-style bathroom like this, the two stone basins act as an important decorative element.



In one or another decorative style the double sinks fit well and of course they are very practical for couples and families with several children.


As we can see in this example, it is not necessary to have a large space, it can also alleviate its visual impact with a simple piece of furniture based on a light metal structure.



The main question posed by a double sink is not so different from that posed by an individual one. Sink encastrado or sobrepuesto, everything will depend on our taste and the rest of the decoration.


Another clear example of how little they can get to occupy two toilets in a bathroom. So in most cases, your choice will not be for space but for our personal decision.


Another interesting option to consider are the sinks with double taps and a single sinus. They are very current and will be perfect in a decoration of any contemporary style.


You can not miss the decorative details, objects, bottles, jars ... to create a lively and coordinated environment. Above all, this must be taken into account when the washbasins are embedded in the cabinet and therefore are not visible. We will thus fill that apparent void.

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