10 ideas to decorate with cardboard

In certain stages of our life we ​​do not need heavy furniture or decorative objects, only something simple that fulfills its mission and is economical. We bring you ten magnificent ideas to decorate with very little economic expense. With cardboard and a little imagination you can create almost anything we need.

Ideas to decorate with cardboard 1

This small cloud-shelving facilitates the storage at the same time that with its volume and shape it decorates any excessively poor wall.

Ideas to decorate with cardboard 2

From a lamp made with a cardboard tube to various storage systems are easily realizable with this polyvalent material. Investigating a bit through the network we will find multiple resources to create cardboard creations. Ideas and printable patterns are available to anyone who needs to cover a need easily.

Ideas to decorate with cardboard 3

Another lamp, this more voluminous and decorative to decorate a wide space. Creations to decorate the walls are also available to anyone. Our ecological conscience will feel satisfied taking advantage of the large number of cardboard boxes that circulate around the world every day. If we are the ones who have the tendency to keep cardboard boxes "just in case" we will have a well-stocked storage room, otherwise they are easy to obtain and in any secure trade they reserve us the ones we need.

Ideas to decorate with cardboard 4

Some ideas are really attractive, from a fake cardboard chandelier through colorful shelves to decorate the wall and passing through those beautiful cardboard boxes lined with fabric that will serve to keep many things. They are good ideas that will allow us to have the house tidy and decorated with style.

Photos: curbly.com

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