10 ideas to decorate a small patio

Having a house with a large patio is the dream of many people but most of us should settle for a small patio at the most. Even if your house only has a small outdoor space you can turn it into its green lung, cultivate your favorite plants and even your small urban garden. Let's see these 10 ideas to decorate a small patio and you will see how you can get much out of yours.


When the patio is very small we can use it as an extension of the interior. It is a very practical and interesting solution.


Another solution is to create an outdoor dining room. We just need privacy and a pleasant environment.


A small space can give a feeling of spaciousness if we use light colors, especially white, and we decorate it in a minimalist style.


If you give us the space we can add to the dining area and a small rest area and be, an outdoor living.


Or combine both in one place like this table with a L-shaped bench that allows you to eat or just sit outside chatting with your people.


The new decorative approaches allow us to take advantage of very small spaces like this one here.


Having a good selection of plants is essential for decoration and to make a space where it is pleasant to be.


The raised beds allow us to grow our favorite plants anywhere. Your maintenance will be much more comfortable for us.


A deck or deck allows us to more comfortably position the living area and can also decorate with plants.


A small patio can also be constituted in small garden with a little preparation. The possibilities offered by a small patio are very numerous. We only have to choose ours.

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