10 ideas to create your home office

More and more people are faced with the need to work at home, for whatever reason. With these 10 ideas to create your home office you will have this almost solved challenge, you will only have to decide on the idea you prefer or set up your own project combining various proposals. Let's go there without further delay and let's get in situation.


The first thing you have to do, and that has a transcendental importance, is to choose the place where you will install your work area. If you live in a large house, there is no problem, choosing an area far from the common areas is enough, but if you live in a small apartment it can be more complicated. Although in reality it is the same, you need the quietest place in the house, as far as possible from the passage areas.


In a house you can install the office in the attic for example or on the top floor of the house. In an apartment you can install yourself in the bedroom if your area allows it. We must take into account our specific needs, it is not the same if we have to receive customers or not. In the first case we will need a more formal space and in the second we can do it at our whim.


Natural light is essential in a workplace, and we dedicate ourselves to sewing as to accounting. A good window that provides us with natural light and fresh air is a great ally in our work. To be able to take fresh air, to renew the air of our office, also has its importance since we must not forget that we are machines that work with oxygen.


The work surface, the desk, will completely depend on the work to be done. To write or draw on a computer we do not need much, with which we fit the keyboard or the graphic tablet is enough. On the other hand, if we do manual works, we sew or any similar task we will need a bigger surface.


We have the basic elements but now we need to feel comfortable in our work space. The personalization of the same is also necessary because it makes us feel good and it is fundamental to perform in our work. Objects, images, personal photographs, everything will help us create a space in which to feel good while we work.


We have talked about the window as a source of light and air but we have forgotten that it also allows us to lose our eyes and rest with it. Having the window in front of us will allow us to rest our eyes and mind simply by looking through it for a few minutes.


Beautiful and artistic objects fulfill a similar mission. They allow the mind to break its line of thought and relax for a few moments. The furniture that we need is basically a desk and a chair plus some complement for the organization and storage.


We can also share the space so that the work is not so lonely. Here we see an area dedicated to work and study in which the whole family can dedicate themselves to their tasks. This possibility will depend to a great extent on our personal circumstances.


Order is fundamental anywhere, also in the office or even more here. Sometimes having a large table is useless for nothing but to fill it with useless objects that end up hindering our work. You have to set specific goals about what should be on the table and what should not. Periodically we will review it so that we are sure that what we accumulate on it is essential.


When you do some manual work you will need raw materials and supplements in large quantities. It is necessary that you have enough furniture and accessories so that you have all the material organized and stored.


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