10 ideas of painted stairs

You have probably paid a lot of attention to the tonality of the walls of your living room and have spent hours and hours choosing the backsplash of your kitchen, but have you thought about the stairs? If you think that your staircase is just a tool to move from one floor to another, you're missing out on a great decorating opportunity. In many houses, stairs are one of the first things that people see when they enter through the front door. Therefore, if this is your case, why not make them flashy? Look at these 10 ideas of painted stairs !

10 ideas of painted stairs

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This blue staircase takes the ombre look to the next level. We love the idea of ​​transforming our boring staircase into an oasis inspired by the sea.

10 ideas of painted stairs 1

This white and brown staircase is the proof that painted stairs They can work in any home. Pull out the old carpet and renew it with a little paint.

10 ideas of painted stairs 2

This pretty ladder painted with the colors of the rainbow It looks wonderful and bold. Go ahead and give your hall a new look by painting your staircase in multicolored.

10 ideas of painted stairs 3

We love the brown, black and white combination, so it is not surprising that we are obsessed with this wooden staircase.

10 ideas of painted stairs 4

If you love vintage style, this ladder is at your height. The dark gray color adds depth and dimension, while the worn surfaces give a feeling of vintage style.

10 ideas of painted stairs 5

This white and pink staircase has left us breathless and reminds us that the pink color can be the star of the decoration of the house.

10 ideas of painted stairs 6

Are you looking for a painted staircase idea what stands out? This black and white striped is unique and beautiful. We love the ease with which the chevron look is combined with wood.

10 ideas of painted stairs 7

This staircase with geometric designs is elegant and modern and, in addition, combines the classic black and white.

10 ideas of painted stairs 8

Although this staircase is part of a clothing store, it gives us a great experience in home decoration. Here, the steps have been painted in various shades of pink and have been arranged in a certain wood to create a chevron design .

10 ideas of painted stairs 9

We would not have imagined the neon green stairs in such a formal environment, but this beautiful staircase shows that it is possible to do it and it looks amazing.

10 ideas of painted stairs 10

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