10 ideas for creating furniture with concrete blocks

The furniture made with concrete blocks brings to mind the student floors with inflatable mattresses and posters on the wall. But they are an easy, practical and current solution, now that the concrete seen is so fashionable these furniture have a look to the last. There are also very interesting reasons to make furniture with concrete blocks, they are very cheap and do not need any type of fixation or adherence because being heavy will hold in place without problems.

Furniture with concrete blocks 1

This bedside table is a clear example, three stacked concrete blocks and we have a table for a long, long time. And enough space to store the essential things as in any other bedside table.

Furniture with concrete blocks 2

This "chic industrial" bookshelf no longer seems typical of a university student with liquidity problems due to some simple design options. The shelves extend a little beyond the cement blocks in the front and on the sides and rotating the blocks so that the holes are hidden when you look at the front piece gives it a more finished look.

Furniture with concrete blocks 3

In this cabinet for the living room has chosen to install shelves of the same size as the blocks to give a more compact appearance. Another wooden shelf has been used for the base, which gives it a more finished appearance and protects the parquet floor. In the hollows of the blocks can be placed small decorative objects that will give a more personal and complete to the whole.

Furniture with concrete blocks 4

Painting the interior of the blocks with bright colors is an interesting option to create beautiful and striking contrasts. This technique can be used both indoors and outdoors. These pot holders are the most decorative thanks to that touch of color.

Furniture with concrete blocks 5

This bed looks surprisingly elegant in a minimalist bedroom and much more comfortable than you would imagine to be made the base with concrete blocks.

Furniture with concrete blocks 6

Another variation on the same theme, this time the blocks support a wooden base on which the mattress is installed. The holes in the blocks serve as extra storage space.

Furniture with concrete blocks 7

A low and long shelf made with concrete blocks placed vertically and on it some wooden shelves. A very easy idea that will be tremendously practical and also takes up little space.

Furniture with concrete blocks 8

Another bedside table, this shows us that we can fit in any modern style. The shelves of thick and dark wood fit perfectly into the modern and elegant decor of the bedroom.

Furniture with concrete blocks 9

A fantastic idea for those who do not want to see concrete blocks. This living room furniture is also made with concrete blocks although it does not look like it. The blocks have been covered with polyethylene foam lined with printed fabric. A great idea to be able to use these economic elements in any environment.

Furniture with concrete blocks 10

You can also resort to concrete blocks with decorative designs, with them we will get original furniture and an elegant appearance. Although maybe you have to resort to terracotta and leave the concrete parked.

Photos: apartmenttherapy.com

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