10 houses by the lake

The houses located next to the lakes have been protagonists of literary and cinematographic works of recurrent way. Perhaps it is due to the telluric energy that is usually associated with the places located next to masses or water currents.


Of course something magical is in a similar location. When you are between mountains and on the shore of a lake you feel a special connection with nature.


The House in the forest It is a design of Parque Humano, a Mexican architecture cabinet. It is composed of three pavilions that accommodate the height and distribution of the trees that surround them. A project that aimed to create a home that was included in the environment without changing it too much.



Cliff House o Casa del Acantilado is the work of Altius Architecture, a Canadian architecture studio, specifically Toronto, Ontario. The house is located on a granite massif at the edge of a cliff on the shore of a spectacular lake. The house is equipped with the latest technological advances to make it self-sufficient. Sustainability was the basic premise of the owners. The glass walls allow for extraordinary views of the lake.



Elenko Residence designed by CEI Architecture, another Canadian study, is a modern building that is next to a lake whose shore is formed by rocky material of reduced size. The two-story house has a living room, dining room and kitchen. It also has a guest room and laundry room. The common and service areas are on the ground floor and the bedrooms on the top floor.



The Houses , the work of Alric Galindez Architects, is located in a unique place, in Bariloche, Argentina. A large house of almost 600 square meters that has seven bedrooms and each of them and some common areas you can see the magnificent lake surrounded by mountains. Built in stone and concrete the house integrates well into the surrounding landscape.



But we can also find houses by the lake in less typical places like Texas, there Dick Clark has built this beautiful house, Lake LBJ Retreat . The house is located on a peninsula of Lake Marble Falls that was once used as a fish farm and that the owners decided to reconvert in their place of retirement.



We could not miss a house by the lake in Switzerland, here we have the Walensee House of km Architektur. Although it is not exactly next to the lake but a little higher, it is still impressive. The landscape with those huge mountains is incredible.


The O House by Philippe Stuebi and Eberhard Tröger near Lake Lucerne in Switzerland represents another style that escapes the typical of the area. A luxurious and modern construction that is very striking.



Flowing Lake Residence by David Vandervort is located in Snohomish, Washington, USA. It is an almost urban lake because the population is practically next to it. But of course we are talking about a state rich in forests and nature such as Washington. The glass walls allow you to fully enjoy the surroundings.



Washington Park Residence It is a house located in Seattle, Washington, United States, not far from the previous house. The design is the work of Sullivan Conard Architects and consists of several concrete blocks that increase the privacy of the house with glass walls that open to the view of the lake.


The Buisson Residence is a modern house designed by Robert M. Gurney and is located right next to Lake Anna, Virginia, United States, surrounded by trees and green areas. The structure of the house consists of two volumes in "L" built with bricks and glass.

Photos: interiorholic.com

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