10 decorative entrance doors

The external appearance of our house is very important, in fact most people will be the only impression they will have of our home and it is of course what our visitors and guests will first appreciate. And concretely the entrance door and the area that surrounds it have a capital importance in this sense. We are going to see 10 decorative entrance doors that can inspire us.


In this Spanish-style house the door stands out for its striking color that makes it stand out among the green and blue of the vegetation and especially the white of the facade.


On the other hand, for a classic style house, there is nothing like a black door, sobriety and elegance for a very noble style. In addition the color of the door combines with the floor of the entrance, also in black and white.


This mosaic floor of small hexagonal tiles also forms a beautiful floral design. A practical and retro air choice that will be very easy to maintain. As for the door highlight its classic cut and its charming patina.


The simplicity and minimalism of this entry combines different trendy materials. Cement on the steps and slabs of the access road, gravel and low maintenance plants just in front of the door. A good choice for a minimalist style house.


This Nordic style house, on the other hand, stands out for the use of a single material, wood. No treatment for the porch and the door and painted in black for the facade.


The same use of wood in another completely different option. Highlight the focus of retro and industrial design that fits perfectly in this austere environment.


A classic porch is as welcoming as it is practical. It allows you to place seats to our liking to enjoy that little pleasure that is taking the cool in front of your house.


A glass door is a good option to illuminate the interior of our house well. It can be both a workable project from the construction of the house as well as a subsequent renovation.


Nothing like potted plants to renew the look of our front door. It is an easy and economical solution that always gives very good results.


On this occasion it is necessary to emphasize the contrast of the recovered old wooden door and the pastel pink of the façade. A pretty risky idea but that can work sometimes.

Photos: Pinterest.com

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