10 Christmas decorations without a Christmas tree

There are many ways to decorate our house for Christmas. And they do not have to be the same as always. Innovation is possible and then we are going to show you with these ten Christmas decorations that we present below.


Here you can see a clear example of what we want to show you. With metallic colored tape, copper on this occasion, we can trace the schematic shape of the Christmas tree on the wall. And we can complement it with a vegetable detail, some fir branches, to create a nice contrast.


Christmas trees in two dimensions can be of many styles and techniques. This one, for example, is easy to make, a conical diagram drawn on a piece of canvas.


And it can be as simple or complex as we want or can. It is an idea as simple as this, obtained by decolourising a piece of colored fabric.


This on the other hand is made with decorated paper and although it is very simple it will require a good time to prepare it.


Speaking of time, this one also needs yours in addition to knowing how to crochet. But it is charming and very durable.


This idea is also excellent, a wooden board with the silhouette of a painted tree. The good thing is that we can hang the Christmas spheres like a real tree.


A large embroidery on a canvas is another of the fantastic ideas that will allow you to place the Christmas tree in a schematic way.


But if you do not want to completely lose the direct relationship with a traditional Christmas tree you can resort to this creative idea. Form the tree with branches, red berries and Christmas cards. A beautiful and original collage that will perfectly replace the classic tree.

10-Christmas decorations-without-Christmas-tree-09

Print on canvas a photograph of a real tree is also an interesting option to decorate your home at Christmas easily and simply.


And for the bricoladores this precious plywood tree with built-in message. A brilliant idea that will dazzle the living room of any home.

Photos: apartmenttherapy.com

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