10 beautiful kitchens decorated in black

We are very used to seeing kitchens in white, it is the most usual in the different current styles. But this time we go to the opposite pole and we are going to take a short walk through ten kitchens where the color black reigns. It is said that about tastes and colors there is nothing written ... well, here we have a clear example of said popular phrase.

Kitchens in black 1

A gradation of shades where black is the most intense of the palette, followed by several shades of gray until it reaches white. It's not a bad combination in an industrial style kitchen.

Kitchens in black 2

For a vintage style kitchen it is also a good option. We clearly differentiate the spaces or areas in which the kitchen is divided. As we see in these two examples the white does not just disappear but that is normal.

Kitchens in black 3

The white remains even in small decorative details. This kitchen combines small black tiles with a brick wall.

Kitchens in black 4

For a professional air kitchen with shelves and furniture in stainless steel the black provides a very interesting contrast that highlights the other elements.

Kitchens in black 5

Some combinations of black color can be high impact. This is what happens in this kitchen when combining the black tile and the ceiling also painted in black with wooden furniture in warm tones.

Kitchens in black 6

White and black is a classic combination of Nordic styles. It always looks good and we can vary the proportion of each color according to our particular taste.

Kitchens in black 7

And if you do not want to risk too much you can always enter a small part in this color. Sometimes it is better to err on the side of caution.

Kitchens in black 8

The black also allows you to play with other tones much more cheerful and friendly. Combining neutral tones with some life is an interesting option.

Kitchens in black 9

A little black between the gray of the concrete and the natural tone of the wood create an excellent contrast in this kitchen.

Kitchens in black 10

As we see again in this kitchen, the combination of the bright black of the tiles, the dark gray of the wall and the ceiling and the white floor are a fantastic and elegant combination.

Photos: apartmenttherapy.com

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